Prototype Test Methodology

The browser plug-in Easy was created with Gen Z shoppers in mind. Specifically, 16–26 year-olds interested in sustainable fashion who value the convenience of online shopping on a budget.

I would test this prototype through usability testing and subsequent observation. Candidates would be people spread across the Gen Z age spectrum and are somewhat familiar with browser extension technology.

Since the prototype exists on Xd instead of an actual installable browser plug-in, I would give users a specific task to execute on a laptop using a functional web browser in an ideal situation. However, whether in Xd or Chrome, a relevant task could be “purchase an outfit for a night out.”

Xd limits observation on the actual usability of the prototype’s interface but can still be a way to make sure that Easy’s language feels informative yet condensed to only the necessary highlights. For instance, how responsive are users to the Impact stars? Since Easy’s primary purpose is to concentrate research into a tiny pop-up and empower users with knowledge of where that piece of clothing came from, I want to make sure that feature is prioritized.

In my primary research, participants explained that they veered away from brands when they found out they didn’t have eco-friendly practices. My end-goal is to see how many people decide to purchase from the more sustainable retailer or remain on the original retailer’s site. And if it’s the latter, were they somewhat less likely to make future purchases from the less sustainable retailer? Would it be more beneficial for Easy to intervene earlier, before clicking on a specific clothing article? I expect to learn where the user’s eyes go first and how likely they would be to view Alternative clothing options. Are there more features that Easy could implement, such as filtering price range and size selection?

I expect I would uncover insight on these questions and more. Simplicity and convenience are at the forefront of this prototype, and ideally, there would be several rounds of testings to eliminate Easy’s problem areas.